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Preventative Maintenance and Service Agreements for Refrigeration and Laboratory Equipment

Full Parts and Labor Contracts on Medical and Industrial Equipment

Doesn't it seem like your laboratory and medical equipment always breaks down and costs a fortune to repair? Or maybe it's the cost of utilities that's making you think of ways to save money?

Your equipments performance is a major source of savings to you establishment. Well only if it has been kept up. This is why we offer different service and maintenance packages to keep your medical and industrial refrigeration equipment running like the day it was purchased.

We offer many service contracts to choose from including a full blanket contract that includes parts and labor. Labor only with parts discounts and a custom contract tailored to you specific needs.

We are a SAM Contractor.

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Large bills and down time is usually what comes to mind for most people when they think about service calls. Poor maintenance is usually the cause. Regular scheduled maintenance is the most effective way to keep these costs down.

A simple mistake of not cleaning a condenser on a refrigeration system regularly can cause a compressor to overheat, or worse a burn out. Thousands of dollars are thrown away every year to repairs that could have been avoided

Maintenance on your equipment can significantly lower these costly repairs. Lost specimens or samples are usually the biggest concerns for most people.

Petri Dish

Dirty Ice Machine

Benefits of Regular Maintenance and Service Contracts

  • Less specimen breakdown.
  • Free Loaner freezers on certain packages.
  • More Consistent operating temperatures.
  • More reliable tests.
  • Lower operating costs, Less energy usage
  • Clean ice machines produce ice at a faster rate than dirty machines.
  • Less equipment repair and replacement
  • More consistent operating temperatures
  • Less product break down
  • Factory trained Technicians carrying OEM parts
  • Discounts on parts and labor on select service contracts.
  • Free Maintenance on select packages!
  • Less product loss due to down equipment
  • 24 hour service and installations
  • Financing agreements
  • Lease agreements with options to buy
  • Priority Service


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