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Unmanned System to Rapidly Stop an Oil Spill

Revolutionary is the only way to put it. A new solution to a old problem, and DS Mechanical is proud to be working on this new technology.

We have designed a system that will stop ALL oil flow as in the case of the Gulf Oil Spill in the spring of 2010. Here is the best part. Oil flow will stop in 4 hours after attachment!

Think of this as spot freezing the riser and NOT the ocean.

A lot of engineering went into this with concerns like.

  • The freezing temperature of Crude
  • Speed of stopping the oil spill
  • Using this as the first line of defense in remote locations such as Alaska
  • The run time this system can stay attached until a permanent solution is used.
  • Not over freezing the riser and breaking it.
  • Not freezing the entire ocean. This is a spot freeze system with a heated and cooled collar.
  • Ease of repairing it if malfunctioning in the field
  • Making it convertible for different oil riser sizes
  • Light and Video system onboard
  • Completely unmanned

Many things were designed into this system

Speed was of great concern. Stopping the oil from flowing into the ocean and causing further environmental damage, costs of the clean up, lawsuits and lost revenue.

Size was another deciding factor. It was designed to be on the offshore oil platform deck for service or emergency use. It can be flown in or shipped to very remote sites.

The system is unmanned so as to not endanger human life at the extreme depths now being drilled in our oceans.

We designed it to rapidly freeze the crude oil. Hence causing a plug. Consideration was given to rapid attachment and release of the system from the riser.




Offshore Oil Rig


Pipe size was also thought of. It was designed to switch between different size oil risers with relative ease without any change in the refrigeration system.

The U.S. cannot afford to let foreign oil consumption increase. With the lack of efficient and quick ways to stop a disaster such as the Gulf Oil Spill, permits will be harder to obtain and costly exploration out of areas that have fast emergency response time to an offshore oil spill will increase.

This system will cease ALL oil flow fast.

If safer measures are introduced to BSEE and the different ocean management groups, Safer drilling can start with the security that another spring 2010 disaster will never happen again regarding the duration for stopping the well leak and the amount of crude oil spilled,reducing clean up costs and environmental damage.

The damage to our environment from that disaster will affect all of us for generations. With increased drilling, another crude oil leak is only a matter of time and a fast means to stop a spill is imperative for safer exploration.

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